About Me


This is where I’m supposed to write my pretentious third-person bio, however, my body of work is yet to come. So, I’ll stick to the basics: I'm a tattoo artist and freelance illustrator living in central Pennsylvania.


I graduated from Digital Media Arts College in Boca Raton Florida. I worked as an animator for two years before starting a career in tattoo artistry. After apprenticing, I worked at several professional tattoo shops before I decided to strike out on my own. At the beginning of 2015, I opened up a little indie tattoo boutique in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, Gypsy Moon Custom Tattoo & Illustration.


Currently, I working as hard as I can to travel to guest spots and tattoo conventions.


About My Art


The body of my illustration is a combination of digital and traditional media, and is defined by it’s imagination, creativity, and emphasis on characters and fantasy.


My custom tattoos are colorful and painterly, with an emphasis on reproducing traditional media on the skin.


Why Work With Me?


My clients commend my professionalism and the quality of my work; I'm easy to work with, and hold deadlines sacrosanct. I'm always thrilled to welcome new clients - if you'd like to discuss a project or schedule a consultation, I can be reached here.

About Me

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